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General Data Protection Regulation or, in German, Datenschutz-Grundverordnung (DSGVO) - it is both the same. In addition of ensuring procedures and processes, the GDPR also asks for training and awareness of employees in handling personal data - hence gdpr training.



Who we make aware and train.

  • Large-sized companies
  • Medium-sized companies
  • Small-sized businesses
    also in which is no legal obligation to appoint DPO
  • Organizations
    like clubs, associations, cooperatives etc.pan>


International set up (English, German and French spoken)!

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Employee training and awareness can be taken place in various ways. Face-to-face events, e-learning platforms, regular information via e-mail, circular letters as well as self-study is commonplace.

Neither the GDPR nor the BDSG stipulates the manner in which "awareness" must take place.

Without mentioning personal training courses are preferable; they offer the greatest possible effect through the direct possibility of interactivity. They also offer the advantage that all parties get to know each other better and the exchange between employees and the data protection officer (DPO) is promoted. In practice, this organizational training form is facing challenges, especially in medium-sized companies, as the number of participants have to be  limited to ensure quality and success.

In particular, online training systems can be practical as long as they contain interactive elements, as they allow individual content and flexible times.

The content helps the employee to identify processes with the processing of personal data and to correctly execute or map them with regard to the company's internal data protection policies.

Our courses.


At the beginning there is training for people involved in the processing operations. No ifs or buts. With our training courses you meet your requirements and ensure sustainable consolidation!


Topic trainings

Whether works council, marketing department, health data protection, associations or others, topics with more details are many.
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Diversified and appealing awarness of the employees involved is the be-all and end-all. With us, even data protection is exciting and entertaining.
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Data Privacy Foundation.

GDPR Art. 4 No. 2 regulates that the collection, the recording, the organization, the sorting, the storage, the adaptation or modification, the reading, the query, the use, the disclosure by transmission, the distribution or any other form of provision, comparison, linking, restriction, deletion, or destruction is data processing. According to GDPR Art. 39 Paragraph 1 and BDSG § 7 Section 1, the awareness and training of employees involved in the processing operations is necessary. This happens by raising an awareness of Data Privacy and by imparting applicable data protection laws. The aim of our training courses is to ensure that employees are familiar with the framework conditions under data protection law and can apply their learned knowledge in their day-to-day work.

  • What is data protection and why is data protection important?
  • What is the General Data Protection Regulation (EU GDPR) and the BDSG about?
  • Personal data and what is data processing?
  • Ensuring the legal basis according to GDPR Art. 6
  • Confidentiality Commitment
  • Information obligations according to GDPR Art. 13 and 14
  • Inquiries from data subjects / ensuring rights of data subjects according to GDPR Art. 15 et seqq.
  • Records of processing activities according to GDPR Art. 30 Para. 1
  • Technical-organizational measures and their implementation options
  • Authorization and deletion concept
  • Security of processing in accordance with GDPR Art. 32
  • Processors
  • Violations of the protection of personal data in accordance with GDPR Articles 33 and 34 and deadlines
  • Data protection impact assessment according to GDPR Art. 35
  • Carrying out prior consultations in accordance with GDPR Art. 36
  • Internal company guidelines for data protection, access control, entry control, etc.
  • Data protection in everyday life

Data Privacy Topic Trainings.

In addition to basic or foundation training and the awareness-raising, there are subject areas that require special data protection knowledge - especially for employees as users. These individual data protection legislations must be mapped and conveyed in accordance with the respective industry or employee group. Data protection is e. g. in health care not quite different from that in handicrafts - but in many things are even more special and strict.
The applied methodological principles are:

  • from easy to difficult
  • from simple to complex
  • from the known to the unknown
    In addition, the following applies:
    the more individual, the better, the more efficient and target-oriented

Data Privacy Awareness.

Awareness in the areas:

  • HR
  • Marketing
  • Sales
  • IT/  Security
  • Accounting/ Controlling
  • Tax/ Legislation
  • Customer Service
  • Procurement
  • Operations
  • Warehouse
  • Works council/ Personell board
  • Board/ Directors
  • Authorities
  • various more

Data protection and works council.

According to the general opinion in the application of the new § 79a BetrVG, the works council committee has to fulfill the data protection requests by its own. Here, it has to be assumed that the data controller (employer) and the works council share responsibility. The solution is to provide the works council with an independent or an already appointed Data Protection Officer to support the works council and also to train at least one person as data protection coordinator in the works council. The area of responsibility is beyond the control of the employer, who is, however, jointly responsible as the data controller.

By the way: if you have a works council, their concerns and interests are also covered with our solutions – fully BetrVG compliant!


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